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Full text of "transcription, Southeast News, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, November-December 1994"

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Volume 42, Number 4 
November-December 1994 

SEC Women "Do What They Can Do" Well! 

Coming together for friendship and renewal, over 1 00 UCC v\/omen from the 
Southeast Conference gathered at Shocco Springs Conference Center at Talladega, 
Alabama for their biannual retreat on October 7-9th. The theme for the retreat was 
"She has done what she could ..." from Mark 14:8. 

Rev. Mrs. Helen Bruch Pearson drew upon her book. Do What You Have 
the Power to Do and other "theological studies" to present two gently powerful 
"sermons" to inspire the gathered community. The theme was enriched by 
engaging new worship opportunities, by joyous singing and by the gifts and 
fellowship of our sisters in faith. 

The spirit of such a gathering and the nourishment received to do what one 
can in the world cannot be conveyed ... only experienced. More opportunities to 
experience will be awaiting at the UCC Southern Region Women's Meeting at 
Blowing Rock, NC on Sept. 29th through Oct. 1st, 1995 and in 1996, at the 
National UCC Women's Meeting at Boston, MA on June 27-30th. UCC women 
should start making plans to attend now. 

Thanks go out to those individuals who dreamed of and implemented the 
Iowa and SEC Partnership. Because of that partnership, four Iowa women traveled 
to Talladega for the Women's Retreat, Oct. 7-9, and found and enjoyed "instant 
sisterhood" in an excellently planned mix of inspiration, worship, learning, sharing, 
humor and music. 

Miriam Cline, Irene Englemann, Earlene Hentzel and Audrey Seyb had 
much to remember and to reflect upon as they traveled back home. They feel 
confident that this opportunity has added much to cement the partnership and 
hope that more exchanges can be experienced in the future. To our Sisters in the 
South ... we are looking forward to seeing many of you again, both in Iowa and in 
the Southeast Conference. 

Audrey Seyb 

Pick A Season ... Do A Campaign! 

what about ... 

7. an Epiphany emphasis (Jan. 7 -Feb. 26) 

2. a Lenten emphasis on mission (Mar. 7 -Apr. 9) 
or ... 

3. a Pentecost emphasis on ministry (Apr. 23-June 4) 

Choose your season! Designate a four-week period of emphasis. Do a 
"Make a Difference" campaign. Sketch out a plan, using the excellent materials 
that were mailed to each church months ago. Do the Mission Study. Give special 
attention to the Case Study, which spells out the imperative needs which must be 
met if our beloved United Church of Christ is to be ready for the awesome 
challenges of the soon-to-dawn new century. Culminate the four weeks of 
emphasis on Make a Difference Sunday, when members will make monthly 
pledges over a three-year period. 

Why your response? Because we fall short of our SEC Challenge Goal by 
only $21,110. To date, we have $228,890 in commitments toward our Challenge 
CHURCHES. Does that mean that only 78 of our 7,856 members care about the 
future of our denomination? Surely not. The rest of you, come on! Help us cover 
the remaining small amount of $21,1 1 0. Please, right away, fill in a Covenant Form 
indicating the time of your campaign and your hoped-for local church goal and 
mail it to the Cleveland office. Time is running out! The Campaign Office in 
Cleveland will close the end of June 1995. 

Call me if you need materials or help. 

John R. Lackey 
SEC Campaign Director 
Phone: 615-690-3127 

Kurtz & Kurtz 

An interesting and historic event occurred recently at St. John's United 
Church. The church celebrated its 125th anniversary. They listened to Rev. Bob 
Kurtz challenge them to follow the commitment of the German settlers who 
founded the church. But it wasn't Bob Kurtz's church in Cullman. 

Bob's brother, the Rev. Charles Kurtz, is pastor of St. John's UCC in Ackley, 
Iowa and they were celebrating their anniversary to which Rev. Bob was invited to 
speak. Both churches have the same name, the same heritage, and near-identical 
facilities and membership. In addition, the Iowa Conference of the United Church 
and the Southeast Conference are linked as partnership conferences. 



^^Leaming to Believe ... Acting on Hope^^ 

when God acts, believers are astonished! The Christmas story in Luke tells 
of Zechariah the priest being promised a son; his unbelief question, "How can this 

possibly be?" Then Elizabeth and Mary are talking about God's new life, the 
coming birth of a son ... and Mary asked, "How can this be?" The promises of God 
confound us into amazement and wonderment. The desire to trust teeters on the 
edge of dis-belief. The birth story affirms God's doing the unbelievable: "With God 
nothing will be impossible." 

That message may strike us this Advent as we hear again the old stories; it 
may surprise us as God works anew. The birth of Jesus occurred to bring good 
news and new life and it is a perpetually new story that becomes "Christ being 
born anew in you and me" in unexpected ways and times. God of the impossible 
makes new life possible. 

As I completed six years with you this fall, I was reflecting on this 
significance. God has certainly brought us through unexpected times, and we 
recognize God's calling us to be a new people in this time and place. "Learning to 
believe ... again, afresh, anew" has happened as we have "acted on hope." God 
has certainly given us new dynamics, visions, resources and calling. My personal 
testimony is to share this theme of gratitude for me and all of us: ''LEARNING TO 
BELIEVE ... ACTING IN HOPE." I trust it shall be for you this Christmas. God bless! 

Roger Knight 
Conference Minister 

Just A Word About Church Development ... 

Sheares Memorial - Chattanooga; Center Congregational - Atlanta; Amistad 
- Marietta; Gwinnett Community - Lilburn; Southeast DeKalb - (Exploratory); Rush 
Memorial - Atlanta; Bibb County - Macon; and Columbia - South Carolina. All 
have something in common that very important to consider. 

Regardless of their current status as church development projects, they are 
commendable exampled of an intensive outreach for reality in our faith 
community. The money may run out in some instances; leadership, both local and 
national, may falter at times; conscientious new church members may "burn-out" 
under the strain. 

But as long as there is the promise of expanding God's embrace of love, 
justice and peace through Jesus Christ, new churches will be envisioned. Some will 
be established and others will be changed or revived. In light of this, it seems just a 
little short of profane to apply the political concepts of success and failure to this 
Godly process at any time or any place. I began to learn this early in the 
experiences of my own ministry. 

I left two small struggling churches I served in succession immediately 
following my ordination. I gave up on both after what I deemed, in each case, to be 
fruitless struggling for mere survival. These two respective faith communities that I, 
in presumptuous judgment, left for dead have over the years, remained very much 
alive and well. 

There were, on the other hand, strong vibrant churches nearby of other 
denominations that I secretly envied for their inspirational singing, preaching, and 

overall appeal to the local communities. Everything they were at that time 
deepened my own sense of frustration and failure. 

However, I have more recently learned that two such promising churches 
have failed or experienced a serious loss of their brightness and luster over the 
years. This fact brings no joy or satisfaction to me, but it does confirm the 
sovereignty of God's presence that serves to regulate and inspire more appropriate 
perspectives on righteous endeavors. 

I commend the appropriation of this presence over the adversarial and 
judgmental that is used sometimes to bolster self interests or sagging self esteem 
among those of us engaged in one way or another in church development 

Mitchell Johnson 
Associate Conference Minister 

Neighbors in Need Grants Available in 1995 

The Coordinating Center for Women in Church and Society is pleased to be 
able to offer several grants for programs or projects which focus on "Women in the 
Work Place." These grants are made possible by the CCW's share of the 1 994 NIN 
offering and are limited to projects in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, sponsored by or 
related to UCC conferences, local churches or institutions. Deadline for receiving 
proposals is JANUARY 1, 1995. Submit proposals or tell others about the 
availability of these grants. Most will range from $1 000-$3000. First preference will 
be given to groups or conferences who have not received previous CCW grants, 
and special consideration will be given to projects which address the issues of 
''Women in the Work Place. " 

Projects seeking grants may include education, consciousness raising and 
advocacy as well as direct service to women's programs or events. Projects should 
be planned by or with women, and must have significant and ongoing participation 
of UCC local churches, UCC church leaders or institutions related to the UCC. 
Local church women's groups are especially encouraged to submit grant proposals. 

Proposals should be submitted to the Coordinating Center for Women (with 
a copy to your conference minister) by JANUARY 1, 1995. Request forms and 
additional instructions may be obtained from the Conference Office, or from Mary 
Sue Cast, Executive Director, 700 Prospect Avenue East, Cleveland, Ohio 44115. 
Telephone: (216) 736-2150; FAX: (216) 736-2156. 


Ala/Ienn Assn. 

Alpine, King's Chapel 
Athens, Trinity Congregational 
Belvidere, 1 st UC 
Birmingham, 1 st UC 

7/1-9/30/94 1994 

.00 .00 

300.00 300.00 

2,200.00 3,522.75 

1,200.00 2,200.00 

Birmingham, Pilgrim 



Chattanooga, 1 st CC 



Chattanooga, Pilgrim 



Chattanooga, Sheares 



Crossville, UCC 



Cullman, St. John's 



Deer Lodge, Congregational 



Fairfield Glade, CC 



Garden City, Congregational 



Glenmary, Congregational CC 



Hanceville, Mountain Grove 



Knoxville, Church of the Savior 



Marion, 1 st Congregational 



Montgomery, 1st 



Nashville, 1st UC 



Nashville, Brookmeade 



Nashville, Howard 



Pleasant Hill, CC 



Robbins, Barton Chapel 



Sweetwater, 1st 



laiiaoega, i st L^ongregaiionai 


TOO on 

Tougaloo, Union UCC 



United Church - Huntsville 



Waverly, UCC 





East Ala/W, Ga Assn. 

Alex City, First 



Columbus, United 



Dadeville, Elder 



E. Tallassee, CC 



Eclectic, Watson's Chapel 



Five Points, State Line 



LaFayette, Pleasant Grove 



LaGrange, Hillside 



LaGrange, United 









Phenix City, Russell Woods 



Pine Forest 



Pine Mountain, Oak Grove 



Roanoke, Antioch 



Roanoke, Bethany 



Roanoke, Forest Home 



Roanoke, New Hope 



Roanoke, North Main 



Roanoke, Rock Stand 



vaiiey, i oqq (.^ongregaiionai 



Wadley, Corinth Christian 



Wedowee, Noon Day 



Woodbury, Jones Chapel 





Ga/S. Carolina Assn. 

Atlanta, Central 



Atlanta, First 



Atlanta, Rush 



Atlanta, Southwest 



Atlanta, UCC 



Beachton, Evergreen 



Buford, Duncan's Creek 



Center Congregational Church 



Central Congregational Women 



Charleston, Circular 



Charleston, Plymouth 



Columbia, Fellowship 



Demorest, Federated 



Dewy Rose, Liberty 



GA-SC Association 



Jonesboro, Trinity 



/v\arieiia, riigrimage 

1 9 c: 1 nn 
1 ,z J 1 .uu 

.Uoj .UU 

Midway, Congregational Church 



Savannah, First 



Thomasville, Bethany 





S. Ala-N.W. Fla Assn. 

Andalusia, Antioch 



Andalusia, 1 st CC 



Baker, Good Hope 



Baker, Pyron 



Bonifay, New Effort 



Brantley, Indian Creek 



Brantley, Liberty 



Clio, New Hope 





Jack Batten To Lead Tax Seminar 

IRS has announced that it will examine 1994 tax returns of ministers. Jack 
Batten, Stewardship Council, will help alert you to "picture perfect" returns. Jack 
spends time each year attending "school" to learn the latest in reporting your 
income. Be sure to put this seminar on your calendar and attend! The date is 
Thursday, January 12*,1995 in Jonesboro, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Carl Beyer To Lead Pre-Retirement Seminars 

We encourage all clergy and church personnel to attend one of the three 
Pre-Retirement seminars to be held on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1995. Beyer, who 
is Vice President, Conference Relations for the Pension Board, will be sharing 
information on all matters relating to annuities and planning for retirements. All 
meetings will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 1st at Atlanta, Central 
Congregational UCC; March 2nd - Birmingham, Pilgrim Congregational UCC; and 
March 3rd - Pleasant Hill, Community Church. 

UCC Supported Colleges Share Federal Grant 

Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College are among 16 historically 
black colleges and universities awarded a total of $4.25 million to help prevent 
violence among black men. Other schools involved in the project are LeMoyne- 
Owen College, Memphis; Talladega College, Talladega; and Tougaloo College, 
Tougaloo, MS. 

School Kits for Bosnia 

Is your Sunday School or your church looking for a worthwhile project 
which can involve everyone? Why not organize a group to assembly "school kids" 
which are much needed in war-torn Bosnia where homes have been destroyed, 
playgrounds are turned into minefields and formerly happy children have 
memories only of war. 

Kits are easy to assemble. Each should contain: 
2-8-1/2x11 -inch lined writing pads 
1 - blunt scissors 

1 - 30 cm. metric ruler (rulers with inches on one side and 

centimeters on the other are acceptable) 
1 - pencil sharpener 
6 - unsharpened pencils with erasers 
1 - 2-1/2-inch eraser 
12 - sheets construction paper 
1 - box of crayons (8 crayons) 
1 - 12 X 14-inch cloth bag with cloth handles 
Place all items in bag, fold top over and secure with two large rubber bands. 

Kits should be packed in sturdy boxes, tied with string and sent prepaid to 
Church World Service, 500 Main Street, P.O. Box 188, New Windsor, MD 21776. 
Clearly mark your church's return address. 

Your assistance is urgently required to insure that needy children in Bosnia 
and other emergency situations worldwide have the necessary tools to learn and 
grown. These gifts will be tangible expressions of love and peace. 

Southeast Conference ^^Son^^ Leads Mission Activity 

The story of God's calling to Millard Fuller is a stirring one. Millard grew up 
in our Lanett Congregational Christian Church and was president of the Southeast 
Conference Youth and a national leader in the United Church of Christ. He became 
founder and president of Habitat for Humanity, and in 18 years, has helped forge 
Habitat for Humanity, and in 18 years, has helped forge Habitat into a worldwide 
housing ministry. His recent book. Theology of the Hammer, challenges us to be 
involved in Christ's mission. 

On February 18th, the 200th house will be dedicated in Americus and 
Habitat now builds about 1 0,000 houses per year. 

Millard is now Co-General Chairperson of our Southeast Conference Make 
A Difference Campaign, emphasizing his convictions of the Church's need to reach 
out to grow in evangelism and mission, and emphatically including youth, the 
perpetual next generation of the Church. We are grateful for Millard's, and his wife 
Linda's, witness and dedication. 

Christian Education Commission of SEC A Report 

We look forward to another year of work together and happily welcome our 
Youth Coordinator, Tim Klein. We are looking forward to great things happening in 
that arena. 

Reports from the church who are using The World Among Us curriculum are 
very satisfying. We are calling all chairs of the Christian Education committees of 
the associations in the SEC to meet us at the Conference Program Planning Meeting 
set for November 1 8-1 9 at Trinity, Jonesboro. 

Yubenia Prigmore 

Churches Seeking a Pastor: 

Charleston, SC - Circular 
Savannah, GA - First 
Chattanooga, TN - Pilgrim 
Roanoke, AL - North Main 
Clio, AL - New Hope 


Athens, Ala. - Trinity UCC has obtained the historic AMA Schools ... and is doing 
community programming now. Congratulations to all! Paul Moore is pastor. 

Chattanooga, TN - Pilgrim Congregational and Sheares Memorial UCC have had 
some joint worship and programs. D. E. Bartholomew is interim at Pilgrim; James 
Fouther is pastor at Sheares. 

Nashville, TN - Brookmeade UCC voted to declare itself an Open and Affirming 
church. Dan Rosemergy is pastor. 

Pleasant Hill, TN has had groundbreaking for its new church addition. Ed 
Schneider is pastor. 

Macon, GA - a new UCC fellowship began mid-week gatherings, Bible study and 
worship. Rev. Lester Ariail is organizing coordinator. 

Bethany UCC, Thomasville and Evergreen UCC, Beachton, has had joint gatherings 
with the UCC of Tallahassee, PL. Ellis Carr, Artis Johnson, and Loey Powell are 

Birmingham, First - Rodney Franklin began as pastor Nov. 1st. 

Robbins, TN - Barton Chapel, Hubert Terry returned as pastor. 

Knoxville, TN - The Rev. John & Karen Gill welcomed their new daughter, India 
Rachel, born October 24th. 

Charleston, Plymouth UCC - has new newsletter ... looks fine! Jim Fields is pastor. 

Jonesboro, Trinity UCC - Barry Mick began as associate pastor and is also a student 
at seminary. 

Sympathy is expressed to Arthur Dailey, pastor of Alexander City whose wife, Elma, 
died in August; to the family of Olin Sheppard, pastor of New Hope, Roanoke, who 
died in August; to the Rev. Andrew Young whose wife, Jean, died in Sept. 

Chattanooga, TN - Pilgrim, voted to relocate. 

Atlanta, First - voted a major building project and on Nov. 13th, installed Dr. 
Susan Newman as pastor. 

Youth Council Plans Rally 

In October of this year, the Youth Council met at the First Congregational 
UCC in Talladega, Alabama for a sharing and planning session. Out of this session 
came plans for a Youth Rally for January 14th and 15th, to be held at Pilgrim UCC 
in Birmingham, and will include a "lock-in" on Friday night and a trip to the 
Galleria Mall and a work project on Saturday. Many other activities are planned 
and registration is FREE (thanks to the Southeast Conference). 

Registration "flyers" have been mailed to all the churches which include a 
tentative schedule and map. If your church has not received these, contact Rev. 
Renae Koehler, Pilgrim UCC Church, 3801 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL 
35213 or call (205) 879-1624. You may also call Tim Klein, SEC Youth Director at 
(205) 734-4309. 

NOTE: The Youth Council invites input from all in the SEC with ideas and 
suggestions for other activities. 


Jan. 12 Tax Seminar with Jack Batten (especially for clergy) 
March 1-3 Pre-Retirement Seminar with Carl Beyer 

Feb. 5-1 1 Women's Week: all churches observe! 

Apr. 28-30 Mini-Camp, Laguna Beach, PL 
June 9-1 1 SEC Annual Meeting - Simpsonwood Retreat Center 

near Atlanta 

June 11-17 Appalachian Work Camp at Morgan County, Deer 

Lodge, TN - for SEC & Iowa churches. Plan to help out. 
Contact Liz Clement. 

June 29-July 4 General Synod in Oakland, Calif. Registration forms 

available in Conference Office also. 

Jan. 23-Feb. 6 Cluster meetings will be held throughout the 

Conference. Every church in attendance, please! 
Structures Committee proposal for our future in the SEC 
will be presented. Your participation and feedback is 
crucial! UCC Yearbook reports on every church and 
filled in. There will also be other reports of 
congregational and Conference life. 


Feb. 5-11, 1995 

THEME: ''Attentive to God's Wisdom'' 

Worship and program material are available from the Conference Office. 


Published by the Southeast Conference 

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The preceding was a transcription from the original publication, except for 
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This transcription was recorded on September 19 and 21, 2013 by Mike Stroud, 
director of Project 66-16, an initiative to record, compile and write the history of 
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